Get A Jump Start On Windows 8.1

Are you a Windows veteran but a rookie when it comes to Windows 8.1? The latest and greatest enhancements and tools available in 8.1 are extremely valuable, but not to someone who isn’t familiar with how to use them and maximize their potential. Here is a brief breakdown on a few of the finer points […]

Are You Late on Your Windows Update?

Have you downloaded the Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1 update yet? If not, you could be missing out on not just the newest upgrades, but also any future upgrades and updates. The new Windows 8 updates have improved security and performance, as well as improve the availability for the Windows software on a variety […]

Not Sure If Windows 8 Is Great?

Are you using a Microsoft Windows operating system for your computer, but not sure if you need to upgrade? Well, if you’re using Windows 7, Vista or XP, it may just be time for an upgrade. If you’re not certain Windows 8.1 is great, here are reasons why upgrading to the new OS is the […]