Get A Jump Start On Windows 8.1

Are you a Windows veteran but a rookie when it comes to Windows 8.1? The latest and greatest enhancements and tools available in 8.1 are extremely valuable, but not to someone who isn’t familiar with how to use them and maximize their potential. Here is a brief breakdown on a few of the finer points to get you on the fast track to getting to know Windows 8.1.

  • Play it Safe – Security is an essential need for any system in today’s age of hackers and viruses. Your first step in familiarizing your self with Windows 8.1 should be your security settings. Make sure you customize your settings for your internet connection, your favorite websites and any essential files you need to keep protected.
  • Add an Account – Take a moment and set up a Microsoft account for you and anyone else who might be using your computer. This account automatically signs you into the Microsoft store, tracks your apps, schedules updates, and quickly connects you with your email and social networks.
  • Make Your Start Menu – The start menu that you’re used to is still there, it just has a different look. Use the new tile system to directly access your apps, photos, social media, email and more.
  • Stand By – Familiarize yourself with new features such as the side-by-side feature that lets you operate multiple programs, documents and apps at the same time. If your’e a multi-tasker, this feature is a dream come true.
  • Go Browse – The Windows store is packed with great apps, so take a moment to go browse through the selection. Find apps and games for the kids, for personal use, and apps that may help streamline your work.
  • Shall Not Pass – New password features allow for you to protect your system and info in more ways that one. If you tend to be a little forgetful remembering what password you set, try the new photo password system. Some of us are just visual learners, and this is the answer.
  • Cloud to Save Your From the Storm – Keep important documents safe with your two-way save system. Not only can you save the files directly to your system, but your Windows account also allows you to backup your must have files on the online cloud system.

For more information on how to maximize the potential of Windows 8.1 for your use, be sure to sign up for our FREE Windows 8.1 Webinar!

September 2014 Techtip