Know Your Way Around the Windows 8.1 Update

If you are currently running Windows 8 and planning to update to 8.1 or RT 8.1, you want to make sure you know how to read the map before you hit the road! The Windows 8.1 and RT 8.1 updates include several key enhancements to security, customization, applications and connectivity to name just a few. However, these improvements won’t be much good to you if the update isn’t properly installed and your system is properly prepped.

  • Start on the Right Foot – Make sure you take all the proper steps to prep your system for the update. This may sound redundant, but it’s a common mistake. Track your appds, user accounts, files and settings to be sure that they are all properly transferred once the update is complete.
  • Be Sure to Keep a Spare – Don’t make the mistake of assuming everything is going to go as expected. The update is set to successfully transfer your information, apps, files and settings automatically, but we’ve all run into problems. So to avoid a total loss of a crucial app or file you may need for work, be sure to backup anything that you can’t do without!
  • Be Ready to Reboot – While the update allows you to continue working while it downloads, don’t plan on starting any major projects. The update will require a restart once it is complete, so make sure you have all your necessary work and backups completed before the reboot time comes.
  • Be Sure About Your Settings – Once the update is complete and your system has rebooted, be sure to review the new settings and features. It may take some time to acclimate yourself to changes. So be sure to set some time aside to review the changes and make sure you know your way around and can find everything you need.

September 2014 Techtip