Not Sure If Windows 8 Is Great?

Are you using a Microsoft Windows operating system for your computer, but not sure if you need to upgrade? Well, if you’re using Windows 7, Vista or XP, it may just be time for an upgrade. If you’re not certain Windows 8.1 is great, here are reasons why upgrading to the new OS is the right move.

Avoid the Clog and Bog – Windows 8 doesn’t just give you more bang for your buck, but it also doesn’t bog down your machine in the meantime. Furthermore, if you upgrade to Windows 8.1 you can reduce the OS footprint by 15 percent!

Marvelous Multi-Task – The Snap feature allows you to open multiple windows at once, and customize their size. You can check the weather, write your blog and respond to emails at the same time. Just be sure you’re not forecasting the weather to your blog readers or email recipients.

Tiles with Styles – Windows 8.1 offers multiple tile sizes to allow you to add as many shortcuts as you need, or cut it down to just a couple key ones. It has small, regular or large size tiles that allow you to customize your home screen. Regardless if you need five tiles or 50 tiles, you can tile to your heart’s desire!

Set It and Forget It – Sick and tired of dozens of messages about updates for your apps? Well have no fear, Windows 8.1 is here. No more update frustrate for you. The new OS will automatically upgrade your apps in the background and leave you to your work.

Smooth Switch – Do you prefer to have multiple monitors instead of multiple windows open on one screen? 8.1 allows you a smoother transition and rendering when using multiple monitors.

Cloud Mine – The Cloud storage system is safe, secure and memory space friendly. Save yourself from storage issues, while still allowing yourself to access your information from anywhere.

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