BIS Advanced Cybersecurity Threat Protection

Multi-Layered, Defense-in-Depth Approach
Our in-house Certified Information Systems Security Professional has developed one-of-a-kind program that protects against hackers, ransomware and even rogue or careless employees. A recent study shows only 14% of SMBs are highly effective at mitigating risks. At the end of the day, you can’t manage what you you can’t see. With this enhanced platform, organizations now have a full view of what bad actors, as well as employees, are doing with their data. Backed by our Lloyd’s of London insurance policy guaranteeing $1 million in ransomware protection!

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Our Advanced Cybersecurity Threat Protection Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Collection
Monitoring by Internal Security Experts
Compliance Reporting

Every 40 Seconds, A Company Is Hit With Ransomware

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All organizations are at risk for hackers, ransomware and other security threats. To prevent security breaches from happening, a multi-layered approach must be in place.

BIS Subject Matter Experts on Advanced Cybersecurity Threat Protection

Patrick Rhodes

Backup & Disaster Recovery Engineer

Garett Brooks

IT Escalation Engineer & Team Lead

Kevin Welch

Onsite Team Lead

Experience Our BIS Advanced Cybersecurity Threat Protection for Yourself

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