Tips to Maintain ePHI Security on Mobile Devices

More organizations are utilizing smart phones, laptops and tablets for daily operations but failing to include these devices in a company-wide risk analysis could lead to mobile device security issues.

Entities need to maintain ePHI security and understanding the potential risks associated with mobile devices is a key part of that, which the OCR stressed in its recent cybersecurity newsletter.

5 Deadly Mistakes You Are Making With IT Security

In the world of IT security, hackers are always busy circumventing various cyber defenses and security companies are always found racing to react to these emerging cyber threats.  This is just simply part of today’s business world but there are steps you can take to help keep your company data safer and knowing which mistakes to avoid is the key.

7 Reasons Why You Need an IT Team to Crush Your Competition

Delegating responsibilities can be a challenge for today’s business owner but an IT team is a needed asset for small businesses.

BIS CEO Earns the Certified Information Systems Security Professional Designation (CISSP)


ROBERTSDALE, Alabama (DATE TBD) - Phillip Long, founder and CEO of BIS Technology Group and owner of Business Information Solutions, Inc.

June Newsletter: Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

Goal Setting: Why It Doesn't Work | June Newsletter
Goal setting doesn't always work. It can be a positive, but for many people it is a negative. When we aren't able to successfully obtain our goals, we can be too hard on ourselves.. When set goals do not work for us, we can get discouraged.

May Newsletter: 9-Step Checklist for Data Security

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March Newsletter: Lucky Charms Won’t Keep Hackers Out

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Check the list of free ransomware decryptors

We’ve gotten so caught up discussing ransomware prevention with our clients that we’ve neglected to mention that several strains have already been defeated. In fact, there’s a decent chance you can actually decrypt all your data for free. Always make sure to check these lists before responding to a cyber attacker’s demands.

February Newsletter: Did That Fake App Just Steal Your ID?

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