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New Microsoft Office Zero-Day Threat

    I want to talk to you about a Zero-Day threat that is out. It is called Follina. This is a Microsoft attack that is being embedded inside Microsoft Office documents. So this is going to come in the form of an attachment. It’s going to be something that you’re going to probably click on that could deliver this Microsoft document in a lot of different ways. It could be on social media, but primarily it’s going to be by email.

    What you want to do to protect yourself is to be extra vigilant whenever you see these Word attachments. If somebody is sending you something in Word, Excel, or any type of Microsoft document don’t just open it and click on it. Do they have a reason for sending you a document? And if you don’t know the reason, pick up the phone and call them to make sure. You also want to share that with your team so that they know to be on the lookout for Microsoft documents. 

    Ultimately, what these bad actors are trying to do is get you to click on something that will enable them to have remote access to your network. This is a zero-day threat, meaning there is no patch out at this time. We’re not even certain at this point whether desktop endpoint, what you might call antivirus or endpoint detection, is going to pick up on this initially. It may pick up on it after it starts to execute, but this is a real threat. It’s a zero-day threat. You want to communicate and to be very careful with this. You may also want to think about employing some type of, what we call, proactive threat detection.

    There is some software out there that would watch for this. They would not catch it immediately until it was executed, but they would see it immediately and could stop it. There are a lot of tools out there that are designed for this type of threat so you may want to talk with your IT provider. Of course, as always, I’m readily available here to help. Stay safe out there and look out for Follina!

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