How to Protect Your Company’s Reputation After a Data Breach

How to Protect Your Company’s Reputation After a Data Breach

In today’s world, a data breach is inevitable even with all of the advanced security strategies in place. While you shouldn’t stop trying to proactively protect your business, you need an incident response plan in place and ready to implement. Your reputation may take a hit at first, but there are things businesses can do […]

New Microsoft Office Zero-Day Threat

    I want to talk to you about a Zero-Day threat that is out. It is called Follina. This is a Microsoft attack that is being embedded inside Microsoft Office documents. So this is going to come in the form of an attachment. It’s going to be something that you’re going to probably click […]

Has My Social Media Account Been Hacked or Cloned?

Has My Social Media Account Been Hacked or Cloned

Every day, we see posts on Facebook from friends saying they’ve been “hacked” and to not accept friend requests from them. While it’s still a form of social engineering, your account hasn’t technically been “hacked.” Instead, it’s been cloned.  Hacking is where a cyber criminal obtains your login credentials and accesses your account while social […]

6 Deadly Mistakes You’re Making with Your Remote Employees

6 Deadly Mistakes You're Making with Your Remote Employees

During the pandemic, 70% of full-time employees worked from home. Once it was over, 92% of workers still expected to work from home at least once per week while 80% expected to telecommute 3 days. In fact, 16% of organizations are now fully remote. While many employees may be back in the office, there’s always […]

5 Easy Ways to Secure Your Data

5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Data (1)

Many Americans are concerned about the Russia-Ukraine war for a number of reasons; and one of those reasons is cyber attacks. As the war rages on and continues to escalate, there has been a documented increase in breaches. This is a very real threat to businesses and individuals alike in the United States.  So, what […]

Wireless Security: is Public Wi-Fi Safe to Use?

 For Today’s Tuesday Tech Tip, I’m coming to you from Nashville, Tennessee, at the Robin Robbins event here. I want to talk to you about wireless security and why you shouldn’t use public Wi-Fi.  When you’re staying in a hotel, even a nice hotel, you never, ever, ever want to use public Wi-Fi. You don’t […]

Why is Cyber Liability Insurance Important? Cyber liability insurance is going to be one of the biggest factors in helping industries of all types, practice better cybersecurity hygiene. In doing so, insurance companies are starting to enforce basic cybersecurity practices. When applying for cyber liability insurance for your business, you will have to answer several technical questions to make sure […]

New Advanced Email Security Solution Protects Against Phishing Attacks and Email Impersonation 


Robertsdale, AL (April 8, 2022) – Business Information Solutions, Inc. (BIS), the leading technology and cybersecurity firm on the Gulf Coast, announces a new, advanced email security platform to combat phishing attacks and email impersonation.   In 2020, 75% of organizations experienced a phishing attack. These numbers continue to rise as hackers find creative ways to infiltrate […]

5 Ways to Prevent Your Cyber Liability Claim from Being Denied

5 Ways to Prevent Your Cyber Liability Claim from Being Denied

As a business owner you need to have the mindset that it’s no longer “if” you get hacked but “when.” As the number of data breaches continues to increase, companies are turning to cyber liability insurance for more protection. Unfortunately, due to the number of cyber attacks and claims, cyber insurance firms are limiting payouts […]

The 6 Layers of Email Defense

For today’s Tuesday Tech Tip, I want to talk about the six layers of email defense that every business needs to have in place. We are seeing such a problem with bad actors taking and exporting people’s email, not just nationally but also locally. This is happening mainly by doing spoofing and what we call […]