June Newsletter: Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

Goal Setting: Why It Doesn't Work | June Newsletter
Goal setting doesn't always work. It can be a positive, but for many people it is a negative. When we aren't able to successfully obtain our goals, we can be too hard on ourselves.. When set goals do not work for us, we can get discouraged.

May Newsletter: 9-Step Checklist for Data Security

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April Newsletter: How to Dodge a Data Disaster

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March Newsletter: Lucky Charms Won’t Keep Hackers Out

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February Newsletter: Did That Fake App Just Steal Your ID?

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Patch Tuesday

Welcome to this February Patch Tuesday Bulletin. This month brings 6 critical and 7 important severity patches. While there are 7 potential arbitrary code execution flaws, it appears that none of them are being attacked in the wild. Start the month with MS16-009 and MS16-022. These 2 patches deliver updates for Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash Player for a combined remediation of 35 vulnerabilities.