3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Web Filtering

1. Security. Imagine an employee visits a website that causes a virus and infects all of your company’s files. Getting those files back would be an absolute nightmare. That’s why you should take a preventative approach and use web filtering. Web filtering protects your company’s data from malware, phishing scams and other various cyber threats. It will block content and websites that could be potentially harmful. In turn, this will reduce the risk of a virus or security breach.

2. Productivity. According to Forbes, 64% of employees are visiting websites that are not related to work. That is money out of your pocket. With web filtering, you can choose which websites you allow your employees to access. You can even go as far as to customize which employee can go to which website. For example, a marketing coordinator might need access to Facebook while an accountant doesn’t. Using web filtering, will cut down on time wasted by employees and hopefully increase productivity within your company.


3. Liability. You can’t monitor every employee around the clock. So, you never know what they might be doing when it comes to surfing the web. One employee might be conducting illegal activities and another could be searching for racial or sexist content. Companies may be liable for what their employees do at work when using the internet. You never want to put your company in danger! A sexual harassment claim or worst case scenario, a criminal charge, would be very destructive to your company’s image and finances. Don’t bear the brunt of that, use web filtering. Block any website that would allow employees to put your company at risk.

How can BIS help you?

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