Four Important Tips For Moving Offices

Moving an office is never a simple operation, but the stress of the process can be greatly reduced when properly planned out. The most common issues and hurdles faced when moving offices, arises from simply not knowing everything that needs to be done. Unfortunately, it’s much more complicated than simply boxing up and calling the movers. But with these four tips, your move is sure to go much more smoothly.

TIP #1 – Have a Plan and Stay Organized

This should be the obvious focus for any move. With everything that needs to be managed, it’s easy for things to get overlooked, forgotten or lost. So it’s important to keep a detailed checklist of everything that needs to be done. Be sure to go over the list several times before the actual move date, and you can never have too much detail.

TIP #2 – Too Much “Do It Yourself”

Packing up and moving furniture is a task for a moving company, but what about sensitive and fragile materials like your computers and network systems? Be sure to hire a professional IT firm who can assure your materials such as workstations and network cables will be handled carefully and reconnected properly. Without professionals handling this process, your business could be faced with network crashes, incorrect phone extensions, lost cables and damaged workstations.

TIP #3 – Do Your Homework When Hiring an IT Firm

Network and phone systems are crucial for every business, so make sure that the IT firm you hire will get the job done quickly and most importantly, done correctly. A few items for your hiring checklist would include references, service time to estimate your network’s down time, proof of insurance, and an organized approach to how your network and phone systems are going to be moved. Also make sure your IT firm conducts a detailed site survey of your new office space to give you a thorough quote on charges for the move, as well as an estimated completion time.

TIP #4 – Notify Your Internet, Phone and Cable Providers

Approximately 80% of communication blackouts and cost overruns when it comes to moving networks are a result of not preparing voice, data and electrical installations in advance. Be sure to have all necessary network and phone system cabling installed and ready at your new location. Internet and phone connections may need as much as six weeks advance notice to be properly installed and tested at your new location. Are you building a new office? Make sure to have detailed plans for your contractor on how many power outlets and network connections you will need for both workstations and your phone system. Don’t get buried underneath extra charges for additions and alterations once construction is completed.

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