Long Announces Formation of Veritas Consulting

Robertsdale, Alabama – October 30, 2014 – Business Information Solutions’ CEO, Phillip Long, has announced the addition of Veritas Consulting to the BIS.

Long said the addition of the Veritas Consulting firm is in line with his advancement to meet the needs and create solutions needed for his clients to continue to excel and reach new plateaus of success.

“ offers a wide array of services to provide our clients with the tools necessary for success, but I wanted to take it one step further. Veritas Consulting is about advising our clients on how to conduct the operations of the their business, including the establishment of standardized processes and even evaluation of employees to help match the individual with the position that is going to promote the highest level of success and productivity,” Long said.

Long said the formation of Vertias Consulting was the result of his unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and understanding in the business world. He has not only established an extremely successful track record in the business world, but he has also authored a book and continues to host numerous seminars and business conferences.

“I am constantly expanding my business knowledge. Whether it’s through reading books authored by industry leaders or attending conferences around the country, I’m never satisfied with what I know, because I always want to know and understand more. And I want to, in turn, share my knowledge, experience and understanding with my clients,” Long said.

While Long is considered an expert in the world of information technology, marketing and business management, he said his main focus has been, and always will be, client advocacy. Long said he saw companies with great products and the necessary tools for success, but also saw them struggling with putting the necessary people and processes in place to streamline their success.

“The BIS offers so much for our clients, whether it’s IT backup and support, security, website design, digital marketing and SEO, and social media marketing. But I saw an opportunity to serve our clients even more. At the end of the day, we’re not just in the business of digital marketing and IT support, we’re in the business of success. My focus, and the focus of this company, has always been and will always be to help our clients achieve success in any way and every way we can. And Veritas Consulting is the result of our dedication and commitment to the success of our clients,” Long said.