BIS Welcomes Addition of Mike Sciocchetti

Business Information Solutions’ CEO, Phillip Long, is pleased to announce that Mike Sciocchetti will now be serving as a Technical Resources Manager for BIS. The addition of Sciocchetti is part of the continued efforts by the to offer its clients elite service, products and results.

Sciocchetti has been working as an expert in the technology field for more than 20 years. He started his career shortly before Windows 95 launched, and worked in the area of Windows 3.11 for workgroups and Windows NT. He also has extensive experience in desktop support, cable installation, help desk solutions, network engineering, systems administration and wireless engineering.

“I have always had the aptitude to decipher why something was not working properly whether it was technology related or anything mechanical,” Sciocchetti said.

Sciocchetti’s experience and knowledge in the technology field made him an ideal candidate to join BIS, but it was his ability to solve problems and produce results that set him apart from others.

“When it comes to business and the IT world, our clients don’t have time to wait around for answers or results. When they are having technology issues, it means they’re losing time and money. We pride ourselves on providing solutions to our clients for the problems they face today, tomorrow and into the future. Mike’s background was directly in line with our standard for elite and swift solutions, services and satisfaction when it comes to our clients,” Long said.

Why did Sciocchetti choose BIS as the destination for his talents? He said it came down to a company that was dedicated to providing enterprise level services to small and medium businesses.

“I have worked at numerous companies both large and small doing different types of IT roles. With that experience and the resources available at BIS, we can continue to provide services to our clients with their satisfaction in the results that is unmatched by the competition,” Sciocchetti said.