Employee Spotlight: Kyle Wellinghurst

This month’s employee spotlight is on our IT Engineer Kyle Wellinghurst. He has been with BIS for eight months and his favorite thing about working with us is interacting with all the different clientele. “You never know what problems you may face and that challenge keeps things interesting!”

He first got interested in the IT field after being banned from playing his Xbox when he has 13. He discovered that you could still play games on computers and he did the research to make it happen for his young self and immediately got hooked.

One of his main interests is assisting the healthcare industry in their IT needs. “I have a passion for resolving issues that assist the medical field in healing patients. To me, there is no better satisfaction in my career.”

Kyle assists our customers in their day-to-day issues ranging anywhere from internet and routing, all the way down to how to operate software and hardware. “Our business is unique in that we service so many different aspects of technology. This makes me, and my colleagues very well rounded in every scenario.”
Outside of work, he truly enjoys tinkering around on his home workstation. “Since technology is constantly evolving, there is always something new to look forward to for gaming and home computing. Plus, the knowledge gained from personal computing makes for an easier transition into work, and can really help out when troubleshooting day to day issues.”

We are proud to have such a dedicated enthusiast in our midst here at BIS. His passion for computing extends beyond his own personal interests as he demonstrates his integrity in every client interaction. “I love my family! I am married and have a little girl who is 1. They are my life, and even though I love what I do, I do it for them. At 24, I am still young in my IT career, but I am so excited to see what is on the horizon in the world of IT and look forward to learning and bringing it to our customers!”