Top 5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Technology

Technology has become so richly interwoven into the fabric of our lives it would be hard to imagine doing some of our most common tasks without it.

We are capable of navigating unfamiliar routes, checking bank balances, listening to music, shopping, reading and much more, all from just our smartphones.

Think of how often you turn to it—and not just to communicate. Smartphones have become just one more element of irreplaceable technology we rely on. Tablets and laptops have made us more mobile, making us even more productive. And countless apps and software programs have added a little bit of convenience to our busy lives.

But how thankful are we for it all? We’re more reliant on technology than ever before as we’ve become a more connected, more plugged-in society that we may easily take it all for granted.

So in the spirit of thanks this season, let’s remind ourselves why we should be so thankful for technology and all the things it does for us we would have a hard time living without.

It Improves Our Lives.

Advances in technology have touched every aspect of our world. Improvements in medicine, automation and communication, to name a few, have resulted in better healthcare delivery, more efficient production and even faster distribution of information, time-sensitive and otherwise. It’s created jobs, solved environmental problems, enhanced our safety and heightened the sense of community as it’s made our world more connected.

It Enhances Our Creativity.

Thanks to technology, we have more sophisticated tools to express ourselves and to quickly deploy those messages to an even bigger audience. With access to music-editing software, self-publishing platforms, 3D drawing programs, video production tools and so much more, we have the innovative power of technology to help us give life and voice to whatever we can imagine. And, also because of technology, we have the ability to share our creativity with the world.

It Drives Innovation.

Technology and innovation have become so intertwined one informs the other. Even as one new and improved product has been released, you can bet its follow-up is in production. Everything from automated processes to computers, from fitness trackers to surgical techniques is continually being studied, tested and upgraded. Technology not only helps improve our lives, but it also helps make even more improvements possible.

It Makes Everything More Accessible.

Credit technology with making the world smaller—and larger. On one hand, it’s made us much more connected to others close to home and around the world via social media. But it’s also opened us up to an even greater wealth of information that’s accessible with the power of our fingertips. Technology is responsible for linking us with online educational opportunities, friends and family, new places in the world and so much more just in a matter of minutes.

It’s Downright Fun!

Simple but true, this may be one of the biggest reasons we’re so addicted to technology. There’s a novelty in translating our love for scrapbooking to Pinterest or expanding our photo editing skills with Photoshop, Lightroom and Instagram. With Skype, you can instantly communicate face-to-face with friends or family in the next time zone or a world away. Technology adds a new, interesting dimension to the hobbies or interests we already have—and makes them even more enjoyable.

It’s not difficult to see the importance and value we place on technology. It’s at the center of many things we do in our daily lives, but it’s also integral to businesses as well. Does your business need to enhance its use of technology to grow to its full potential? can help you accomplish those goals. To learn more, visit

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