How Proactive IT Management Saves You Time and Money

Many companies may view proactive IT management as an unnecessary expense, choosing to handle their tech support reactively when problems occur. While this break/fix model was the norm for decades, it didn’t take long for businesses and IT professionals to find a smarter and more efficient alternative.

With proactive IT management, businesses experience less downtime, increased productivity, and an increased return on investment.

In a world where just in 2016 alone we saw a 40% increase in data breaches, businesses can no longer ignore having a security plan in place. By choosing to only be reactive when it comes to tech support, you run the risk of lengthy downtimes and escalating problems that can leave your business information technology disabled, your data vulnerable, and your workflow at a standstill.

“For businesses of all sizes, data breaches hit close to home, thanks to a significant rise in CEO spear phishing and ransomware attacks. With the click of a mouse by a naïve employee, companies lose control over their customer, employee and business data. In an age of an unprecedented threat, business leaders need to mitigate risk by developing C-suite strategies and plans for data breach prevention, protection and resolution,” said Matt Cullina, CEO of CyberScout and Vice Chair of ITRC’s Board of Directors.

Proactive Management is important because it works to control risks, manage costs, and minimize the effects of problems that do arise, giving you the peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

Benefits of Proactive IT Management:

• 24/7 Real-Time Network & Desktop Monitoring
• Monitored Remote Backups
• Application Security Patches
• Local Helpdesk Support
• Local On-site Support
• After-Hours and Holiday Support

Our BIS Sentinel Managed Care Plans have helped businesses all along the Gulf Coast and Mobile Bay experience the benefits of having a full on-site IT department without the cost. It’s critical to the day to day operations and the strategic growth of your business.

One of our auto care clients with three locations in Baldwin County, Alabama has told us that being on a managed care plan has made their business more profitable because they experience very little downtime. Their employees are able to be more productive rather than spend their time fixing computers!

Small to medium sized businesses using our BIS DataGuard for business continuity have expressed having the ultimate peace of mind knowing there is a thorough backup recovery in place in the event of outages or breakdowns.

If you’re looking for a local IT company to be your technological partner in growth and security, then contact us for a free evaluation of your network and a demo on our world-class, affordable proactive IT management tools.

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