The Good, the Bad and the VoIP

Have You Heard?

In the day and age of cell phones, tablets, video calling and texting, the telephone has certainly come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell placed his first call. Well the advancement in voice communication has just taken another step into the future with VoIP technology, which is Voice Over Internet Protocol (IP). While VoIP is a sensational system when it comes to communication advantages for businesses of all sizes and industries. Here are a few of the Good and the Bad when it comes to VoIP:

Show Me the Money

The Good – Companies are saving as much as 50% when it comes to the phone bill. And the ability to trim operating costs is a huge positive for every company. This savings often comes in the form of businesses that find themselves making a lot of long distance calls.

The Bad – There is not guarantee of how much you will save, or if you’ll save at all. The variety of savings really depends on your VoIP system and your provider.

Listen Up

The Good – VoIP systems offer you all the features and perks you are used to and depend on. Call forwarding, call waiting, conference call ability and voice mail are all among the features your VoIP system can offer you. Again this still depends on the quality of your system and the provider.

The Bad – While VoIP systems are wonderful, it really depends on your system and provider. If you cut corners and don’t do your homework when it comes to a provider and a system, you could end up with dropped calls, poor sound quality and a lot of missed calls.

Power Down

The Good –  With a strong bandwidth and a quality system, there are really not limitations to the quality and abilities of your VoIP system and the money you can save with it.

The Bad – Do you own a backup generator? No? Then we might have an issue. Since telephone companies transmit power over phone lines to power the system, a power outage is really no problem. This isn’t the case for the internet. If your connection to the internet goes down, so does your VoIP system.

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