Cloud Storage versus Dedicated Servers. Which one is right for your business?

For a business, you want your data to be stored in a safe, secure location that is also accessible to your employees. At the same time, you need a storage solution that can handle all the files being uploaded and downloaded on a regular basis.

In today’s technology, there are two viable options for data storage: cloud or server. But which one is right for your business? Many will argue one is better than the other for many different reasons.

Cloud hosting allows for a less expensive solution compared to dedicated servers, but the cloud doesn’t have the same level or protection servers do, which many large businesses rely on.
If you are a small business though, large costs can affect your your profits, so picking a cost-effective option when considering storage is important. But don’t think just about cost when deciding upon data hosting. Your business’s security and accessibility to its data should always come above expense. In this day and age, when hackers are becoming stealthier, protection should be the first priority!

The Cloud
If you are considering price, cloud storage is argued that it is the most cost-effective option, though sometimes when the cost is broken down, cloud hosting can actually be more expensive than upgrading to a new server. But that of course all depends on the size of your cloud and what you need out of it. Cloud hosting can prove to pay off in the end if you are paying higher up-front costs than you would with a server. By switching to a cloud storage system, which is run on multiple servers, you can increase or decrease the amount of servers that host your cloud, which helps with scalability. Cloud storage also runs on mobile devices, like iPhones and Android, via apps. So if your employees are on the go, they can easily access data through the cloud app. Cloud hosting is also very reliable (less prone to crashing) and require less maintenance.

Dedicated Servers
Server hosting on the other hand has its benefits too. Since a server is a dedicated device that is physically at your business, they can provide a higher level of protection for your data and usually is the better solution for large businesses because they directly connect. Strict security is the most prevalent benefit compared to the cloud due to the physical aspect of a server. Plus, when you have a dedicated server, you will usually have an IT company behind it that will help manage and run updates.

So which one is best for my business?
For security purposes, servers may be better than the cloud, but that does not mean that cloud hosting isn’t protected. As many businesses are migrating to cloud hosting, more strict security measures are being created and implemented to keep your data safe from hackers.
Cloud hosting is the best option for a small business that requires 24/7 access to its data on multiple devices. It usually comes out to be a less-expensive option than using a dedicated server. But servers provide a level of security that trumps the cloud currently, and usually are better with regulation compliance.

At Business Information Solutions, we offer both dedicated servers and cloud storage for our customers. We can help you decide which option is best for your business, budget and needs. Always do your research and understand the pros and cons of cloud versus dedicated servers. Being educated and informed will help guide your business in the right direction. Call us today to help your business perform its best.