Security Awareness Training: Strengthen the Human Firewall


With the threat of a cyber attack literally just a click away, providing quality, comprehensive security awareness training to your employees is more important than ever. Your employees are your first line of defense to your network, and they can easily be your strongest asset to identifying threats or your weakest link.

Just one click from a scam email by an uninformed employee could be enough to let attackers in and bring down your system.


As an IT company dedicated to protecting the security of our clients’ networks, we know how crucial it is to prepare your employees to identify and report the threats they may encounter online.


These days, small businesses are just as vulnerable as large companies.


In 2011, 18 percent of small businesses were attacked, compared to 43 percent in 2015, according to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report.

We’ve seen attacks affect small businesses all along the Gulf Coast, from Pensacola, Florida to Gulfport, Mississippi. Regardless of size or location, cyber criminals are seeking to gain access to the company’s financial information or even employees’ personal data.

Ransomware strikes are becoming increasingly common as well. This is a type of malware that prohibits or limits users’ access to their systems, unless they pay a fee or “ransom” online for the device to be freed. These aren’t limited to just employees using company networks, but may also threaten smartphones, smart watches, smart televisions and the like that may be connected to a compromised network.


Attackers prey on human frailty and vulnerability.


As technical network defenses are strengthened through advanced perimeter controls, and firewall and encryption technologies, employees are becoming the preferred target to gain access to company or personal financial data.

In many ways, the security of your network begins with your employees. An uninformed employee could easily make one click that puts your entire system in jeopardy, or a trained employee could identify a phishing attack, alert your administrator and protect your network.


Now is the time to strengthen your human firewall with security awareness training to ensure your employees are well-prepared to ward off security threats.


Whether your business is in Mobile, Alabama, the Eastern Shore, or anywhere along the Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coast, your employees can receive comprehensive security and compliance training to stay alert and prevent compromises to your network with Business Information Solutions, Inc. Our BIS SecureNow! Training helps employees identify today’s latest threats and provide strategies on how to avoid them, and we allow you to put them into practice with simulated attacks. Contact us today to learn more about our secure solutions for your business with a free consultation and product demo.

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