Cell Phone Gets Hot: What to do

How To Cool Down an Overheated Phone

Why does my phone get hot so fast?

While it is finally and officially summertime, the Gulf Coast is no stranger to heat anytime of the year. With this sweltering hot summer mixed with 100% humidity comes great responsibility with your electronic devices. Many people do not know what to do when their cell phone gets hot.

If you have to use your phone throughout the day, or maybe you just want to, you may notice that your cell phone gets hot. It gets so hot that you have to put it down because it’s so untouchable. Even after a couple of minutes of sitting there, it’s still too hot to the touch.

Left in a Hot Car

The insides of your phone aren’t resistant to damage from heat any less than they are to say water or being dropped from heights above waist high. The inside mechanics of a cell phone is made from mostly plastic that covers and connects with wires for smooth transference of electricity so that you can surf Facebook and play with Snapchat filters. When plastic, rubber, and other conductive materials get hot, they melt. Electricity can no longer pass through these very important internal parts of your phone when they have nowhere to go.

Keep your phone with you at all times. If you are in an area where cell phones aren’t allowed, you may want to consider how you will properly store your phone. Make sure the area is secure, cool, and has plenty of ventilation. Have a friend hold it for you or leave it at home. If you feel like your car is the only option, be sure to park in a shaded area like a parking deck, and hide the phone making sure it has proper ventilation. You’ll want to use your best judgement and determine if the risk of theft is something you want to take.

Turning your phone off and storing it in your pocket or purse may be acceptable depending on the type of environment you are going into. Just use your best judgement and common sense.

While Charging

If you use your phone a lot for work or fun, you’re going to have to put it on the charger at some point. We all get in the habit of using our phones while they are on the charger and this isn’t a good practice for your phone. Let your phone charge completely in an area where it has great ventilation and on a flat surface like a table or night stand. When your phone has reached 100%, take it off of the charger.

DO NOT charge your phone on a bed or couch, or under a pillow!! Your phone needs to have proper ventilation. Smothering it under a pillow will cause the heat to not be able to escape. Your battery will begin to bulge and your phone will eventually catch on fire. People have been injured and killed by cell phones while charging them improperly. Please use common sense and safety precautions while charging your device.


There is a variety of reasons why your cell phone gets hot or overheated, but the main culprit may just be from overuse. Your phone needs to rest just like us humans do. We can go all day long, but our bodies get tired and we need to rest for a little while. Give your phone a rest and do something else. It’s okay to look up from your phone and get unconnected for a little while.

Set your phone down and do something fun. Read a book, watch a movie, workout, meet up with friends, etc. While our phones do almost everything for us, we have to remember to treat ourselves with a little digital disconnect

Features running in the background

You may notice even when you haven’t had your phone in your hands very long, that your cell phone gets hot. Sometimes apps have certain features running in the background like GPS and push notifications. Determine which apps you must have these features running and turn them off on the others.

The safest route is to have GPS turned off completely, but turn on for temporary use like for maps and directions while traveling. Not all apps should require the use of GPS. Take the proper precautions on which apps you allow to use GPS. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and now Snap Chat, uses your GPS location to let friends know where you are within a 200 yard range. This type of information is dangerous in the wrong person’s hands.

It’s not important for all of your followers know where you are at all times. Be selective and keep your information private. You never know who is watching.

Here is what NOT to do when your cell phone gets hot

Do NOT keep using it. Let it rest.
Do NOT put it in your pocket, purse, or under a pillow.
Do NOT put your phone in a refrigerator or freezer! Let it cool off on a flat, solid surface with ample ventilation.
Do NOT think this will NOT happen to you.

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