Does My Company Need a Security Operations Center Service (SOC)?

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Even a small network generates over 250,000 logs per hours. An impossible task for a human to review. We now live in the days of sophisticated digital hackers so your concern shouldn’t be if you’re going to get hacked, but what you’re going to do when it happens.  Making sure your business invests in a security operations center (SOC) can be your saving grace during an attempted cybersecurity attack.  Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT problem, it’s an organizational issue.

What is a Security Operations Center Service (SOC)?

A security operations center is an organizational hub of skilled team members and technology whose goal is to detect, prevent and respond to cybersecurity threats in as close to real time as possible.  A security operations center continually monitors a business’ cybersecurity, preventing serious breaches in real time.

For best results, the SOC must keep up with the latest threat intelligence and leverage this information to improve internal detection and defense mechanisms.

Outsourcing SOC Combines Cost-Effectiveness and Expertise

Even if your business has its own IT department, outsourcing your Security Operations Center offers comprehensive security benefits you simply can’t get in-house.  When you outsource your SOC to a managed security services provider, you get professional expertise across multiple specialists with diverse information security backgrounds, like our CEO, Phillip Long, who is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and many others within the company with other certifications.  Essentially, an outsourced SOC offers a multi-disciplinary approach to information security that beats the limitations of having just a few trained employees on staff.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in relation to Cyber Security Threats?

Quite often, speaking about AI, people tend to think of some fancy “human-like” brain inside a machine as smart as we are.  This kind of strong artificial intelligence would be the ultimate technology, capable of acting like a mature human brain: solving any types of generic tasks, and any complicated tasks after additional training.  Realistically, that level of AI is highly unlikely to be created in the next 15-20 years.

Coupling Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence

So your answer to whether your IT company should be using AI or humans? The answer is “Both”.  As mentioned above, machine learning does not have the same benefits of a human brain but what it can offer is the “many-eyes” option.  You can use machines to observe the network continuously in real time and correlate that across hundreds of millions, to trillions, of events on a daily basis.

Working hand-in-hand, humans and AI are creating stronger cybersecurity for your business.  Make sure you have taken the right precautions when hiring your IT team and if you have any questions, as always, contact us here at Business Information Technology for a consultation.


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