How to Keep Your Employees Engaged This Summer

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How to Keep Your Employees Engaged This Summer

Hot summer days and vacations, is your staff disengaging this summer? Disconnected employees are 37% more absent, 18% less productive and 15% less profitable. Don’t let this hurt your company’s culture and bottom line. 

Here’s a few things you can do to keep employees engaged this summer:

#1: Host a company picnic with a “thank you” theme

Encompass everything that is summer at this event. Grill out, eat ice cream, chill by the pool and, overall, just have fun. Invite your team’s family members. Make sure to have prizes and highlight star employees. Not only will this boost camaraderie, but it gives employees the much needed recognition to flourish. 

#2: Hire a masseuse to come in for a day

Summers can be stressful with the pressures of managing vacations, kids and more. Take the stress off your team by bringing in a masseuse and giving away free massages on breaks. This is a refreshing way to reduce anxiety and reset your mindset. 

You could take this one step farther and plan a weekly summer event during lunch time like ice cream sundaes or a corn-hole tournament. Make the workplace fun again!

#3: Host a bi-weekly, one-on-one sync up meeting to encourage employee engagement

Meet with your team on a regular basis to keep them engaged and on task. Ask employees to write their job description and set goals. Then, review these responsibilities and metrics with them. 

Make sure they also work towards a rock, which is a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time sensitive) project to focus on for the next 90 days.

#4: Allow for flex time off

The old proverb “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is still very true. People need to step away from work and enjoy downtime. If an employee works 60 hours to get a project knocked out, give them some of those hours back in flex time. Allow them to take off early on a Friday and spend time with their family.

#5: Assign “meaning” to employee tasks

People need to know their role is important. Discuss how what they do matters and how it affects each department in the organization. When people think they’re doing busy work, they may slack off or not give their best effort. 

#6: Build out advancement road maps for each employee

Did you know that development is a huge factor in hiring and retaining millennials? People want to learn new things and make advancements in their career. When an employee sees a clearly mapped out path for them, then they feel more confident in their position with the company.

If all else fails to get engagement, you can put measures in place like web filtering to prevent employees from visiting social media sites. You can also track productivity using software.

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