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Cybersecurity Questions Every Business Owner Should Be Able To Answer “Yes” To

Below are questions that every business owner should easily be able to answer “yes” to as well as already have in place.

  • Do you feel like your computer network is secure at this very moment?
  • Are you spending your money on technology and security in the most effective ways?
  • Can every employee identify threats and avoid them?

Phillip Long, CEO and cybersecurity expert at BIS and CyberFortress, found that business owners were spending more money, yet cyber criminals were actually increasing their effectiveness. After further investigation, here’s what he uncovered…

The successful attacks on these business owners (we’ll call them low hanging fruit) are usually caused by security measures not being set up correctly. While they’re in place and even being paid for, they’re not being managed, monitored, and quite frankly, just not working. So, this puts your company at a large degree of risk as hackers target these types of businesses, especially small businesses. 

Just as you answered those questions above, Phillip asked his own team about the clients they served and the response was that the Gulf Coast business community needed a lot of help with cybersecurity as things certainly could be done better. So, Phillip started a special division of Business Information Solutions called Cyber Fortress that specializes in countermeasures against cyber attacks.

Looking to Protect Your Business from Cyber Criminals?

As a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with a CMMC designation, Phillip is here to help you and your business with cybersecurity. 

If you’d like to find out more about protecting your business, all you have to do is pick a date on the calendar below. Phillip will show you that there are certain things you can do that go a long way.


Phillip Long, CEO of BIS - Managed IT Services Provider

Phillip Long – CISSP, CEO of , along with his team of marketing and information technology experts, will walk you through an overview of what your business should be doing to protect your data and plan your digital marketing strategies.

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