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7 Reasons Why You Need a Cybersecurity Training Program in Your Business

Here are 7 reasons why you need to start a cyber security training program in your business today:

#1: In reality, it is the most cost effective way to protect your company’s data and your clients’ data. 

#2: It keeps your employees from making mistakes by simple awareness of where the threats actually live.

#3: It makes other cybersecurity measures much more effective by engaging people so that they understand the defense-in-depth strategy. This usually starts with a human being. In fact, about 85% of threats come by a user clicking on something.

#4: It builds a culture of security and data protection that really builds a sense of
value to what the employee is doing.

#5: It’ll actually save your company’s reputation. There’s nothing more devastating than a big breach where everyone in the world or every one of your clients knows that you’re the one that lost their data.

#6: Training ultimately saves a ton of time and money, probably to the ratio of about $10. For every dollar of training that you spend, you save about $10.

#7: Training builds a community that gives people peace of mind. Everyone works at a much more effective level whenever they’re basically at peace, whenever there’s NOT a lot of drama going on. And, there’s nothing more dramatic than a big data threat.

Looking to Implement a Cybersecurity Training Program?

Phillip Long, CEO of Business Information Solutions, would be happy to work with your team and show you how to put together a very effective cybersecurity training program in your business.

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