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How Do SMBs Handle Risks & Security Threats

Phillip Long, CEO of Cyber Fortress 360 and certified security expert, has met with numerous small to medium-sized business owners throughout the Gulf Coast. He’s found that they basically say the exact same thing when it comes to how they’re currently managing risks and security threats… “my IT guy is handling that.” 

In reality, that’s a really poor answer because ultimately the person truly responsible is the business owner. If something happens, you can fire the IT guy or even try to sue them (which would be a difficult uphill battle). At the end of the day, the damage is already done. 

When looking at traditional IT companies, they are usually more focused on uptime and making things work rather than security and compliance. In order to meet compliance requirements, businesses need an effective, multi-layered cybersecurity strategy to lower the overall risk. It’s just a totally different mindset.

Introducing Cyber Fortress

Phillip and his company Business Information Solutions (BIS) have been providing managed IT services and cybersecurity protection for over 21 years in this local market. 

He noticed the business community on the Gulf Coast was lacking an organization to specifically help business owners mitigate risks and compliance on a more advanced level. So, Phillip founded Cyber Fortress, a managed cybersecurity firm with a focus on compliance, endpoint detection and response and analytics. 

Cyber Fortress can help your business whether it’s holding your internal IT guy accountable in meeting compliance requirements, working with a third-party IT company to provide checks and balances or handling it all ourselves.

Let’s Discuss Your Business’ Compliance & Security Needs…

If you haven’t had a second opinion yet, please book a time on the calendar below to meet with Phillip.

During this quick call, you’ll discuss your current security and compliance strategy as well as if Cyber Fortress is a good fit for your company.  


Phillip Long, CEO of BIS - Managed IT Services Provider

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