Data Backup: Are You Hoping For The Best?

Consider the “What If” Factor

Secure data backup for your business is an absolute must, but the real question is, what methods are you using? Although you may think you are taking extreme caution, such as saving data on multiple computers and physical drives, the scary truth is these items are still at risk for failing and leaving you helpless. While it may seem unlikely that your data backup computers and thumb drives would all fail or become lost at the same time, it has happened to many business owners before. Events such as burglary, fire other natural disaster are unlikely but still have the chance to occur. And the harsh reality of these events may not set in for you, until it’s simply too late.

What are the Chances

One example of these unlikely events becoming a reality is Bill Wiley of Computer Associates. Wiley took extensive measures to ensure the critical data of his company and his work were always backed up on two laptops and multiple thumb drives. However, these precautionary measures did Wiley little good on January 15, 2009, when his US Airways flight bound for Charlotte had to make an emergency landing that left both of Wiley’s laptops and his thumb drives floating at the bottom of the Hudson River. Furthermore, when Wiley’s computers and drives were brought up from the icy waters, they were held as “crash evidence” and he still hadn’t recovered them months after the crash.

Now compare Wiley’s experience with his fellow passenger, Paul Jorgensen. While Jorgensen was also panicked that his computer had met a watery end that fateful Thursday, he had his data backup on a cloud system and had fully recovered his files by that following Monday.

Don’t Leave Your Company’s Data to Chance

The lesson here is that you cannot simply rely on physical storage devices such as multiple computers and thumb drives for your data backup. While these are great “extra” data backup options, they shouldn’t be your main source. Offsite data backup storage systems, such as cloud services, provide the necessary safety net should your psychical storage options fail. The other key focus is to regularly check and monitor your backup systems. Ensure that all necessary data, files, applications and programs have been successfully backed up and test your restore process on a regular basis.

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