How Hackers Choose Their Victims

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Hackers are just like any other entrepreneurs in that they are looking for the easiest way to make big money. For the most part, they are motivated by financial gain although some groups are driven by political reasons. Similar to businesses, hackers also have a targeted audience they go after. 

To avoid being attacked, people want to know how to stay off their radar. They can do this by seeing how hackers pick their targets. Here’s how cyber criminals choose their victims:

#1: Other Cybercriminals

Networking isn’t only for legitimate businesses. Cyber criminals also run in the same circle where they share information. They tend to look for victims from a previous hack. 

#2: The Dark Web

Stolen credentials, like credit cards and social security numbers, are being sold on the dark web for a pretty penny. Hackers go there to purchase this stolen data and use it as they see fit.

#3: Open Ports

Cyber criminals are always preying on the vulnerable. They scan networks looking for open ports, devices that are open for communication. Once found, they’ll exploit them and compromise the network. 

#4: Vulnerable Firewalls

If a firewall is misconfigured, it can lead to a data breach as well as unplanned downtime. Hackers actively look for vulnerable firewalls to breach; and then, attack the network. 

#5: Social Media

Social media is great for catching up with friends and family, but oversharing can be a problem. Cyber criminals can use this information found on a social profile to crack passwords and compromise accounts. Social media can also be used to execute an attack through social cloning or hacking where connections receive messages with links from a “trusted” source.  

If you’re concerned about being hacked, then it’s time to get security protections in place, especially for your business. Business Information Solutions can help with this!

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