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What Is Multi-Factor Authentication aka MFA?

Multi-factor authentication. What is it and how does it support security? Well, first off, multi-factor authentication is simply another means by which you prove that you are the owner of an account. I’d like to demonstrate this by using the Microsoft Office Web portal.

A lot of people, most companies now are using business email using the Office 365 platform. Well, if you go to Office, it takes you to the portal and you have to put in a username and that username is your email. Those two components are widely known by the bad actors. To get your email address is very easy to obtain, and then the third piece is going to be your password. Well, still, in today’s environment, about 65% of people use the same password across multiple platforms. So let’s say your Netflix account gets hacked or somebody leaks information from a Department store or somewhere where you bought something and it has that password. The bad actor simply will just run a program with all these known bad passwords that have been hacked and they can gain access to your email. Well, what multifactor authentication does is it requires you to just simply push a button on your phone whenever you go to log in, which is another means by which you authenticate that you are the owner of this email account. It’s very effective because the bad actors could know the web portal, which they do the email, which they do and possibly the password, but they can’t get in and have all that amount of information, they have to be able to touch the button on your phone. It can also alert you to unauthorized activity that is happening on your account. I hope this is helpful because business email compromise is one of the biggest industries where the bad actors are making money. They’re gaining access into your environment and they’re stealing money from John Q public and business owners all around the world, and even here local. There is not a month that goes that I am not helping someone in this area over something that is so easy to fix with multi-factor authentication. If you’d like to find out more, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be happy to help.

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