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How Can The Zero Trust Model Help Your Business?

For today’s Tech Tip I want to talk about the Zero Trust Model; Why you should care and how it can help your business.

Let’s talk for just a moment about zero trust as it relates to the three parties here on the screen, the client, the security team, and a managed service provider. In today’s world, there has to be a zero-trust relationship because of the threat landscape. There have been more security breaches through the end of Q three, 2021, than in the previous five years.  For each one, we hear about there’s 1000 that are never reported.

What does this look like and what does it mean? Well, from a client’s perspective, they put way too much trust in their IT guy, and they’re often way too busy to keep up with the ever-changing technology. especially as it relates to security. Ultimately they have a low technology acumen that is not what they do, nor should they have to do it. The MSP or the IT guy is often overloaded. He is focused on keeping things up and running. That has become the major component for IT departments is the availability of services. They’re so busy that they don’t have the time to take ongoing cybersecurity training.

You need some form of a security team and for them to be doing Technology Business Reviews.  I call them well-baby checkups. And with that, they are going to go in and look at the critical components of your system.

It’s a much longer conversation but, I’ll touch on them briefly. Ultimately, it is your firewall configuration, your account management processes, and multi-factor authentication set up. It is your email and making sure that they are being secured and backed up as well as your endpoint detection and response. And of course, we can always throw in their business continuity or disaster recovery plan.

Most businesses are trusting their managed service provider for these, and they are not focused or have the skill sets to do that. So much so that a recent report came out and they are saying that there is a 500,000 cybersecurity expert shortage in America right now. It’s going to take ten years, so things will likely get a lot worse before they get better.

Another thing that the security team needs to be doing is presenting reports to both parties to the IT team as well as the client. Showing how those components that I just spoke of are configured and that they’re being managed and maintained. They also need to have some type of technology roadmap. That way you’re spending your money in a way that is effective and not being spent in crazy ways for security that isn’t based upon the National Institute of Standards and Technology model, where you weigh your risk and your work. Of course, on your high and critical risk before you work on your low risk. You need to have a technology roadmap, so you’re keeping everything up to date and it has to have reporting for you to know that it’s working right.

If you’d like to find out more about this or even to take an evaluation of your network, click on the link below. We’ll jump on a discovery call and I would like to just ask you a few questions. I can even send out a survey to gauge how well your network is set up. And if you’d like to make it better, we’ll come out and do a free audit of your network, look at those reports, and do a gap analysis to show you where the exact weaknesses are so you’re spending your money most properly.

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