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How Can Microsoft Teams Help Your Business?

For Today’s Tech Tip Tuesday. I want to talk about Microsoft Teams and how it can help your business. 

We’re taking a look at the Microsoft Team’s dashboard right now. In this application, there are really so many things that are so very powerful. We know that we can do just a simple chat. You can say “Hi”, and this guy is literally across the world in another country right now. And if I want to add people to this particular chat, I can go in here and simply add users to it and begin chatting to multiple people. Another thing that is really neat here is that there’s a lot of integration. If we share files they are kept within this same system right in files and only Peru and I can actually see these files. So it is set up for security and everything is really easy. Also, you can also add a ton of integration products like Whiteboard, One Note, and Excel that will actually embed on these tabs. These are things that you can share with that other person with absolutely no worries of other people seeing them because the permissions are already set. Which is probably one of the most exciting things.  I can do a video chat with him by just clicking that button or I can do a phone call and so on.

You can also make teams. And with the teams, you can have basically a team’s channel. You can add users in here and be able to manage the channel, manage your notifications, and everything. You can have files that are within the system so that you’re able to see them, and you can even put in here other specific sub-channels so that people can classify things for you and keep them there. This is just so much more effective than what email is. You can also collaborate files. You can simply click on the file itself and it will come up there. You can actually edit the file rather than that redundant emailing back and forth, back and forth. That happens all the time. All you have to do is make changes, simply close it and that file will be saved within that system so that the other person can get it and readily see it.

One other thing that I think is really neat is that within a team, you can actually come here and you can get the email address. Meaning that you can actually have systems or software sent out between your applications or via email, and it will go directly into the team’s channel as a file. So it’s just really a great way to centralize and manage security and collaboration. We are currently not using this as it relates to a full-blown phone system, but the capabilities are definitely there. We’re actually exploring that because this one application is going to be able to be a fully managed collaboration piece for your business. If you have questions, of course, always reach out. We’re happy to help and we’ll talk to you shortly.

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