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5 Keys to Great Client Relationships

For our 2022 Technology Tech tip Tuesday. I want to kick it off with five key ways that we strive as a company in order to provide you with better customer service.

Communication provides the means by which great relationships and partnerships are executed and solidified. They lead the way to desired results of acceptance and credibility. Above all, they must have these five basic characteristics.

The first key to great client relationships is accuracy. All communication must be accurate. The information shared must be valid, verifiable, and be usable.

The second is relevance. All communication must be relevant to the needed hand. Whether it relates to a support request, a problem, a project policy, or any other type of business needs.

Third, it must have responsiveness. All communication must be responsive. Recognizing the value that listening brings to the service encounter or relationship.

The fourth key is timeliness. Communication must be timely and consistent ensuring that there aren’t any gaps that will leave the end-user in a state of uncertainty as to what comes next and where things stand.

And finally, professionalism. Communication must always be professional and courteous whether verbal or written to reflect properly the organization’s capacity in order to fulfill the needs of their client. 

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