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Attrition Planning 2022

For this Tuesday Tech Tip, I want to help you with your 2022 planning for employee attrition this is something that is affecting every business owner that I know. And I’ve got some ideas that I think can help you.

As you probably already heard, one of the biggest stories of 2021 has been the shortage of workers across the entire US economy. The great resignation where workers are quitting jobs in mass, and sometimes without any plans to seek new positions. A shortage of talent is not a new issue even in a normal year. Hiring a true professional who can perform the job well and fits in with your team culture can often be very difficult. Every company should have a plan to mitigate this risk of losing critical team members in 2022. Here are a few important steps that you guys can take to help retain employees and stay flexible just in case you lose them.

First off, you need to have stay interviews rather than just exit interviews. What am I saying here is that you’re able to meet with your team regularly where they can provide feedback on what’s going well, what isn’t, and what should cause them to leave. This process can help you learn about the underlying issues ahead of time so you can address them before they become an exit interview in the future.

The next important thing is doing cross-training and documentation. Losing an employee normally means losing most of their knowledge about the company’s culture, systems, and processes. Developing a strategy for retaining that knowledge even if a team member leaves your company should be a big part of your 2022 planning. With initiatives like creating a robust documentation system to store important information and cross-training other employees on critical processes.

Another thing is to create an ongoing recruiting system using, indeed, Resume Search and Alert or LinkedIn to constantly be looking for talent. Set up some time each month or week on your calendar to review these resumes and spark up conversations to see if they might be a fit for your company.

Companies that are going to take a proactive approach to this in the year 2022 are going to be much more advanced than those that do not take the Marcus Aurelius approach and recognize that the challenge is the way. I hope this helps you make a great 2022 despite all the challenges that you may face.

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