The Basics of Desktop Security Protection [VIDEO]

Phillip Long, local security expert and CEO of , discusses the basics of desktop security protection in his fifth installment of the Defense-in-Depth video series. As you’ll find in the video, there’s more to anti-virus and desktop security than blocking viruses as they aren’t the only threat to your business.

Unfortunately, employees are one of the biggest risks to your company. Whether they’re intentionally stealing files or are careless with data, they must be monitored for fraudulent activities and policy infractions. This will keep your organization protected from massive security breach.

Beware of free anti-virus products as they may be lacking critical security protections. Watch the video below to find out how desktop security will protect your organization from ransomware and cyber threats.

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About the Speaker, Phillip Long

Phillip Long is a Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP) and author of Everything You Must Know About Choosing an IT Company, But Your IT Guy Will Never Tell You. In 2001, he formed Business Information Solutions, the #1 local IT company on the Gulf Coast, and later added on three more divisions to create . With over 17 years in the technology industry, he provides consulting and technology services to small to mid-sized businesses in Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. He’s worked with over 500 businesses to create solutions that make business easy.

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