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PSA: Concerning Uptick in Email Threats

As events in the world continue to unfold, we once again urge everyone to be very careful and vigilant about unusual activity on their devices as well as your emails. We’ve noticed an increasing amount of Russian emails attempting to contact our clients. Be assured that our Barracuda spam filtering is handling and blocking over 99% of these malicious emails.  If you do receive one, do not interact with the email and ultimately just delete it. Some of these emails may try to impersonate an employee in your organization or a client that you regularly communicate with.

You need to pay very close attention to the email address that it was sent from. Oftentimes these are spoofed and you can see if you hover over that it’s not coming from that particular email. You also want to refrain from clicking on any links. If you do happen to click on any links by mistake, do not provide any information such as credentials, debit card, Social Security numbers, username passwords, personal or company details.

If you check the email address and the sender and are still really unsure if the email is legitimate or not, contact that person via phone who sent that email so that you know that they are legit. One of the things that you want to pay attention to is don’t call the number that’s inside of an email.  Either go to their website or go to your personal contact so that you’re not able to be spoofed by actually calling the wrong number.

Again, we’ve already imposed a lot stricter rules on our filtering and we’re trying to do all we can to further strengthen the security for our clients. We’re always continuing to find out more ways how we can secure your organization from phishing attacks and scams and other types of malicious emails.

As always, if you get something weird and you want us to check it out. Do not hesitate to send that on to the help desk so that they can check it’s. We want to keep you safe and email is probably your biggest risk as a small business. We’re always here to help. Thank you for listening.

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