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Microsoft 365 Security

For our Tuesday Tech Tip, I want to talk a little bit about Microsoft 365 and some of the enhanced security features that are out there. If you’re not aware, Microsoft 365 has a ton of different SKUs or different part numbers or different products is what they are. Some of them are kind of end of life or it would make sense financially for you to move off of some of those legacy products and move to some of the new products. So, tip number one is, to look at what products you are using and see if the plan that you’re on is fitting the bill for your needs.

Second, I want to talk to you about a couple of features that Microsoft 365 Business Premium has in it that are very good for a business as it relates to security. First off, we want to talk about conditional access. Conditional access will allow you to connect your machines based on certain conditions. If you don’t have encryption enabled, if you don’t have a certain service pack, as far as patching enabled, if you don’t have antivirus, if you can do geolocation so that people can’t log into your accounts from overseas and things of that nature. It also comes with something called Intune. Intune will do things like encrypt mobile devices, also remote wipe mobile devices.

These are some great features that need to be a standard for all businesses. And the cool thing about it is that Microsoft is bundling these together. It’s a very cost-effective way because if you tried to buy those products separately, they would be a lot more expensive. You can also manage them under one hood or on one dashboard. To find out about it. If you want more information, I’d be happy to help you. All you have to do is hit me up and I hope you guys are keeping it safe out there. Talk to you soon.

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